Despite the rain, El Nan Casteller was at the square!A pesar de la lluvia, El Nan Casteller estuvo en la plazaTot i la pluja, el Nan Casteller va ser a la plaça!

This weekend the town of Valls has shown its casteller identity with the Casteller Forum of St. Ursula. At the Pati Square there were organized different activities for children of all ages: balloons, climbing, decorating cookies and, as it is becoming usual, the El Nan Casteller workshop. From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, the children […]

El Nan Casteller will participate this weekend at the Santa Úrsula Castells Forum and in Valls. El Nan Casteller participara este fin de semana en el Fórum Casteller y Feria de Santa Úrsula de Valls. El Nan Casteller participarà aquest cap de setmana en el Fòrum Casteller i Fira de Santa Úrsula de Valls.

El Nan is going to be present at the Casteller Forum of St. Ursula in Valls, It could not be otherwise. EL Nan is included in the program of Sta. Ursula Forum, which has a lot of activities for everybody to enjoy the Castells in all their forms. You will be able to find El […]

Congratulations to all for a great Castells Competition!¡Felicidades a todos por un gran Concurso!Felicitats a tots per un gran Concurs!

This last weekend, El Nan has seen a castellera marathon. Saturday and Sunday the Nan was in the sand as they strive more and enjoying this show that casteller people of Catalonia has given us. The Nan was there, he could play with the children who visited his stand, was able to present itself to […]

“El Nan Creatiu” has been awarded in the “Emprèn en Femení” awards from Diputació de Tarragonat“El Nan Creatiu” ha sido galardonado en los premios “Emprèn en Femení” de la Diputación de Tarragona.El Nan Creatiu ha estat guardonat en els premis Emprèn en Femení de la Diputació de Tarragona

.Past Friday, October 5, was delivered the seventh edition of this awards, a distinction that gives the Diputació de Tarragona to encourage the enterprising spirit of the Women of the Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre region. The Event was organized in the Celebration Hall of the Municipal Center for the Old People of Cambrils and […]

El Nan Casteller is going to be at Castells CompetitionEl Nan Casteller también participará en el Concurso de CastellsEl Nan Casteller també participarà en el Concurs de Castells

The atmosphere of Tarragona is already boiling with the nerves and expectations that will fill this weekend the Tarraco Arena Plaça. All the castellers are ready and willing to go into the arena, the ones wearing the scarlet shirt, green, blue, red, hazelnut, orange, green…, but also the one without shirt, el Nan. El Nan […]