This Christmas come to play with El Nan Casteller!Esta Navidad ven a jugar con los talleres de El Nan Casteller!Aquest Nadal vine a jugar amb els tallers del Nan Casteller!

The Nan Casteller wants all children try, play and have fun with him these days and also during the pre-Christmas festivities. So, The Nan is preparing hundreds of Nans to leave their boxes in various workshops and playgrounds during these special days. Today (11/12/2012) these are the workshops where you can find the Nan from […]

Catalan toys FestivalFiesta para el Jugo y el juguete en catalánFesta per al Joc i la Joguina en català

On Saturday 1 December “Festival for the game and the toy in Catalan” was again on the street in its 9th year and this time El Nan was there. Throughout the day there were various activities around the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, to claim that the children receive toys for Christmas that include the […]