Guia de Regals d’El Nan Casteller

Amics invisibles que es fa regals, Tions de fusta de caguen, el Pare Noel que viatja des del Nord amb el seu trineu i els Reis d’Orient que estan a punt d’aterrar seguint el rastre d’un estel màgic…. molta gent carregada de Regals! Però algú els ha de pensar, encarregar i assignar! Pensar com sorprendre […]

Catalan toys FestivalFiesta para el Jugo y el juguete en catalánFesta per al Joc i la Joguina en català

On Saturday 1 December “Festival for the game and the toy in Catalan” was again on the street in its 9th year and this time El Nan was there. Throughout the day there were various activities around the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, to claim that the children receive toys for Christmas that include the […]

El Nan and the Correllengua 2012El Nan y el Correllengua 2012El Nan i el Correllengua 2012

El Nan casteller has three reasons for being: Play, learn and remember. Play to have fun, learn building castells and remember the history and culture that houses the Catalan tradition of Castells. And to honor the three slogans El Nan whenever possible is present on the street in order to make play the children, and […]

Despite the rain, El Nan Casteller was at the square!A pesar de la lluvia, El Nan Casteller estuvo en la plazaTot i la pluja, el Nan Casteller va ser a la plaça!

This weekend the town of Valls has shown its casteller identity with the Casteller Forum of St. Ursula. At the Pati Square there were organized different activities for children of all ages: balloons, climbing, decorating cookies and, as it is becoming usual, the El Nan Casteller workshop. From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, the children […]